Shaping New Creative Districts

Peer to Peer Learning Program 2022


During this exchange we organised the following activities:

  • Guided Visit to UPTEC BaixaCrative Hub, in Porto
  • Creative Hubs Meetup with CRU Creative Hub, Artcor Creative Center, UPTEC, Porto Design Factory, Saber Fazer, Viva Lab (Fab Lab) and Work on Wood (Coworking space) - the hubs presented themselves and had a social gathering
  • Collaboration Meetings, over lunch, dinner etc
  • Organization of Final Event
  • Guided visit to Bombarda creative District
  • Podcast recording with CRU Creative Hub and Artcor Creative Center
  • Guided Visit to ARDA - Music Hub, in Porto

We exchanged good practices and knowledge for developing a creative district in Chisinau based on the experience of CRU in the Bombarda neighbourhood. We discussed the impact of creative businesses agglomeration.