The Training Package for Youth Community Leaders



The set of tools and methodologies developed by the Creative Hub Managers over the past years were channeled into the CHLaYdoscope project, which innovatively bridged this expertise with aspiring youth community leaders, fostering a bottom-up approach to policy creation and creative project management. 

Developed by Warehouse in collaboration with the project partnership, it is a comprehensive resource developed to equip Youth Community Leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive innovation and positive change within their communities. Initially designed by creative hub leaders for project-specific activities, it is suggested as a model for fostering innovation in policies, project management and community development.

CHLaYdoscope Project aim is to support the development of Community-based youth leadership (YCLs) through an innovative mentorship and non-formal education program, designed and delivered by European Creative Hub Leaders (ECHLs), based on their experience in finding solutions to complex societal problems through co-creation, bottom-up and community-focused approaches.

CHLaYdoscope project is led by Materahub (Italy) in cooperation with DYPALL Network, European Creative Hubs Network, Generazione Lucana (Italy), Warehouse Hub (Italy), PiNA (Slovenia) and the Artist and the Others (The Netherlands) and funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: Cooperation partnerships in youth with the support of the Italian National Agency. 

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