Urban meets Rural

program for membersStaff Exchange Mobility Program 2023

Anda Cowork @ Anceu Coliving

Coming from ANDA Cowork, a more urban space, we are considering the possibility of deepening our connection with rural life. While the exact form is yet to be defined, one avenue we are exploring is the concept of a coliving space. Drawing inspiration from Anceu Coliving as a model and source of learning on how to establish and maintain a successful community in a rural setting has been incredibly enriching and has absolutely met our expectations.


Though we currently operate in an urban environment, we have connections to rural life through various activities. Our time at Anceu has shown us how they weave together the best elements of both urban and rural lifestyles, fostering connections in a simple and close-knit manner, built on trust, collaboration, learning, coexistence, respect, and friendship.


I believe that at ANDA Cowork, we have starting points to nurture these connections and create value for both urban and rural residents. This could start with specific activities and, based on the responses from both environments, gradually shape the next steps, intertwining both worlds.


The proposed plan guided us and provided a structure to explore key topics related to our interest in coliving operations and how to invigorate rural areas through a coliving space. We reviewed essential aspects, from daily operations to community building and urban-rural synergies, addressing the necessary components to comprehend and apply Anceu Coliving’s model to our context.


The real strength of our exchange lay in the incorporation of a diverse range of approaches and activities. It was a balanced blend of theory and practical examples. The opportunity to interact and live those days with Anceu Coliving’s colivers was the pinnacle. This allowed us to gain firsthand insights into the daily life of a coliving space and how it truly feels. Connecting newcomers with those who arrived earlier, getting to know and connecting with the village inhabitants, listening, learning, and wanting to know more.


The innovation engine is always running, and more ideas and ways to forge bonds emerge. The focus on creating synergies between urban and rural elements proved to be particularly relevant and valuable. This was achieved through concrete examples and practical discussions, helping us understand how these collaborations strengthen the community and yield mutual benefits.


Our time at ANCEU significantly contributed to our learning and potential impact on future projects. The discussions and shared examples during sessions offered a comprehensive perspective on operating a coliving space in a rural area and establishing fruitful connections with both the local and urban community.


In summary, the work plan served as a valuable guide for our exchange and facilitated a deep and meaningful exploration of the rural coliving model. While there were areas for improvement, overall, it provided a robust structure to tackle the challenges and opportunities of expanding our operations to rural areas. We are confident that the knowledge and insights gained during these days will have an impact on our future initiatives and collaborations.